Uncharted Secrets

Uncharted Secrets was inspired by a mysterious character mentioned in the Justified Treason series. In those books, Sterling Bentley tells us that he never knew his mother, Hannah, and though his father, Mason Bentley, spoke very little of her, Sterling was aware that Mason loved Hannah for all his days. 

When I began writing Justified Treason, Hannah was as mysterious to me as she was to Sterling, but as the tale unfolded I found myself wanting to know more about her. So, I decided to write the story. 

There are so many clues to this mystery laced into my other books that I had to delve into the details like a detective, seeking out routes with dead ends and uncovering key elements like pieces to a crime scene. As an author, writing books is sometimes like reading one—I do not always know what is coming next—and the unexpected twists that unraveled in this tale made up a unexpected and beautifully tragic pirate story. 

Book 1-Uncharted Secrets



 Some say she's a witch, for her hair is so blonde it’s unearthly, and her eyes so blue you might sink into the sea if you look into them too deeply. Maybe it's true; for I, the fearsome Mason Bentley—a buccaneer revered by the most dreaded pirates, and a man who never thought he'd call one woman his own—fell into the depths of her spell. Hannah Remington, the lost young woman who had no one who loved her and no one to protect her, somehow became my everything; and not just the woman, but her tears, her artwork, and her damned cat. But ye be warned, by unveiling the mystery behind her ocean-blue eyes, you'll not find the makings of a typical pirate tale. It isn't so much about sword fights, sea battles, or an adventurous life at sea, but rather, a story about the harsh reality that ignites the fire of pirate spirit. And secrets like that are better left uncharted.

-Mason Bentley- 

On the Horizon

Book 2


Book 3