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Most authors just want to write. I am one of the few that enjoys formatting a book as much as writing it. After self-publishing twelve of my own historical fiction novels, my team and I are now offering our services to help fellow indie authors take their stories from vision to print.




If you plan to sell your book or share it with readers outside of your family and friends, it should be professionally edited. 

Editor, Sarah Heath will make sure the time, effort, and energy you put into creating your piece will be presented in a respectable fashion that maintains your unique style.

Price Varies per Project - Meet the Editor

Page Design


Paperback books are a work of art, not only by cover, but page design. The chosen fonts, headers, and title pages act as a frame to the picture your story paints. 

I will custom design the pages of your book according to the genre and passion of your story.

Starting at $200

Cover Art


Whether online or at a bookstore, the cover of your book is the first thing people see. As an independent author, it is especially important to have an appealing cover to allure prospective readers. 

I will design a one-of-a-kind custom cover, specially made to express the feel of your story. 

Starting at $300

eBook Design


I also design eBooks with font size and placement that adds a creative feel to the plain and transferable format. Covers can be designed for eBook only or trimmed from the paperback cover, pre-designed by Endless Horizon Designs.

Starting at $50

Manuscript Preparation


Tips and advice on refining your manuscript can be found in my upcoming book, "From Vision to Print" 

It should hit the market this winter.

On the Horizon

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