King of My Nightmare


King of My Nightmare is an action and adventure story inspired by the true history of the buccaneers of the Caribbean. Intrigued by the bold and daring lives led by the buccaneers, I chose to bring that adventurous part of history to life through a character of my own making, Mason Bentley. Mason began as a supporting character in my other series, but every time I wrote about this revered buccaneer captain, his strong persona wanted to take over the story. Finding that my readers were just as captivated by his reputation and the myths surrounding his legend, I decided to write a series about the trials and triumphs that make him into the man that pirates fear, leaders respect, and women swoon for. Join the adventure to see how the young Mason Bentley takes reign of the unfavorable life that he lives and becomes king of his nightmare.

Book 1-King of My Nightmare



   After losing everything I worked for and everyone who mattered to me, I picked myself up from the rubble of my defeat and headed out to sea. Leaving England, and all the nightmares she represented, I looked to the open ocean for hope; hope to earn a living on my own terms, and to make a new name for myself.

   I thought for certain that nothing could be worse than what I left behind, but the sea showed me otherwise. Through shipwreck, near starvation, mutiny, treason, and outright war, I learned that you sometimes must do objectionable things to survive. Refusing to fail, I fought my way through the fires of my own Hell and rose from the ashes with a fearsome reputation and a name that was spoken with respect. 

   This is how I became king of my nightmare.

-Mason Bentley- 

On the Horizon

Book 2


To be released by the end of 2018


Book 3


Book 4


Book 5