Justified Treason

  Justified Treason is an adventurous love story about a forbidden romance between Charlotte Wetherby, a nobleman's daughter, and Sterling Bentley, a notorious buccaneer. The bold moves they make to pursue each other take them on a daring journey across the high seas, where they sail tall ships through storms, engage in bloody sea battles, and forge an unlikely romance that forces them into betraying the people and lives they once knew. Join the adventure and see for yourself if their ongoing acts of treason are justified.

Book 1-Justified Treason



   “I could ask you a million questions and hear your story a thousand times, but there is nothing to be said that will justify this dreadful act of treason.”
The words from my father upon learning of my arrest. The message relayed to him was laced with fallacy, but the truth would suit him no better. He is a nobleman; one of the wealthiest and best-known plantation owners in Port Royal. He will never understand that it had been my dream to travel the world, nor will he ever accept that I have fallen deeply in love with the notorious buccaneer, Sterling Bentley.
  The world I fled will not forgive the fact that I chased a wanted man, and my unacceptable dream, off my sheltered veranda and across the high seas—same as I will never regret the risk I took. While sailing a tall ship, engaging in sea battle, secretly siding with pirates, and forging a forbidden romance, I experienced life and love in a bold and daring light. Unwilling to step back into the silent shadow that had been chosen for me, I shall withstand my punishment with my head held high, confident that my treason was justified.

-Charlotte Wetherby- 

Book 2-Tarnished Reputation



  “There was no sense in defending my honor at this point. I had abandoned it too many times, leaving my reputation to be tarnished among nobles and pirates alike.”

   These were Charlotte’s words about the world’s view of her. Maybe she had begun to believe it, but I knew she was nothing of what they said and I was determined to set the record straight. However, leading my pirate crew to raid her father’s cargo ship, kidnapping her from her betrothed, and housing her among outlaws may not have been the best way to go about it. But I am a master navigator, capable of charting impossible courses, and I would leverage my talent to work my way out of trouble once again—or so I thought. 

   This time, it was that talent of mine that led us into unthinkable danger, forcing me to wager the loyalty of my crew, guide them through  storm and fog, outwit a cunning old enemy, and tempt the power of a notorious curse to get back on course. Even if I could overcome these unfavorable odds, the most threatening opponent awaited me at the end of this perilous journey: Charlotte’s noble father. 

   No matter my fate, I would see that she returned unscathed, reputation untarnished.

-Sterling Bentley-

On the Horizon

Book 3


Book 4


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