King of My Nightmare

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While some readers post their reviews on Amazon, others message me directly to share their reactions. I have complied these compliments to share with you here. Reader reviews always make my day and hopefully they inspire you to come aboard and join the adventure!



He may the King of My Nightmare but he's definitely the Man of My Dreams!

To become a pirate king, you must make many sacrifices along the way.

Love, lives, blood and innocence to name only a few. Mason Bentley paid every price to sit upon that throne and yet, there was no time to take a seat. Pirate kings don't rule from a chair; they rule from the deck of a ship, surrounded by their loyal and often times deadly court of dark knights awaiting his call to duty.

I loved this story but then again, what's not to love about Mason Bentley? Finding out who he was and where he came from was like a dream come true! However, his life was definitely more of a nightmare at times than a dream. Defending his sister's honor, standing his ground against unscrupulous men and fending off a lousy, good for nothing father were only the beginning and this was all while he was still just a boy. However, having been raised by a strong and grounded grandfather, who insisted Mason always be a man of honor, gave him everything he needed to get on the right path. Don't mistake me here, honor comes in many shapes and sizes and one size definitely doesn't fit all. Often times we have to do things we never thought we would in order to reach that honorable conclusion. Mason didn't hesitate to clear the road at every turn in order to reach his honorable endings, regardless of who stood in his way.

Sorry, I'm not going to give you any spoilers but I will tell you this book is a voyage and a journey from a quiet farm in England to some of the most treacherous islands in the Caribbean. All throughout, a boy is becoming a man and man, is becoming a King!


I have read hundreds of books in my life, your pirate books are the best stories I have ever read. 


I loved it. I love every book that Cristi has written. The adventures of Mason Bentley are so riveting from the moment I read the first line I'm hooked. It was nice to read about Mason 's childhood and what brought him to turn out to be the man and captain he became. Waiting patiently for the next adventure. Keep them coming Cristi


Again Christi has written a fantastic pirate story! Keep up the great work, I love them all!


The Best Pirate/Buccaneer Novel To Date.

Cristi Taijeron’s best work to date. All I can say is “WOW”!!! We have all been waiting to learn about Mason Bentley’s life and character and now it is here. Taijeron has now delivered and delivered with a master’s pen stroke. She has created a real to life character in Mason. The reader not only gets to experience his piratical/buccaneering adventures, but now can understand his actions in the other novels. Mason is not the only adventure we have in “King of My Nightmare”, we also have battles, sea storms, and getting to experience the life of a buccaneer. Taijeron paints a great picture of what a buccaneer is, how the name came about and how they lived, even the dogs they hunted with as hunt dogs as well as companions. The reader gets to experience the village life of the buccaneers, how they hunted and survived in their own communities. There is also educational value in this novel explaining how sails are furled, reefed and unfurled. One also gets a lesson in climbing the ratlines in storm like conditions and truly understanding that life on a yardarm can be a life or death situation; REALLY!!! This is Taijeron’s best novel yet. She has improved her writing skills many times over proving to the world that she is not only a great novelist but also a great researcher. If you like sea-going novels, if you like pirates, if you like adventures with history thrown in then “King of My Nightmare” is for you. You do not want to miss this top notch novel. When one has finished any of Taijeron’s novels he or she feels a connection with the characters; not just as characters in a book but as personal friends; friends we want to get to know even better, fight alongside and tell sea tales with. I have never read a novel with so much educational, historical, and exciting, page-turning adventure all wrapped into its blood-stained pages. The research Taijeron has done is enough to justify the price of the novel. Taijeron has crafted the best piratical tale I have ever experienced. This is the material movie producers look for. Great job Cristi Taijeron. I cannot wait for your next adventure.


This book was a treat to read. Cristi Taijeron knows how to write. I started reading and couldn't put down. Mason is part of the story. He has a hard time after sister Lace died and his grandpa. Mason s dad is a evil man and has done mason wrong. This is a wonderful dreadful story about ships friendships and pirates. Awesome book. I have re-read the series again I just can't get enough of mason or any of the others. They make you picture the story in your mind when you read them. Their feelings become mine. I get so involved in these books I always can't for another one.


An enticing world filled with memorable characters.

King of my Nightmare is the backstory of Mason Bentley, pirate king of the Caribbean. A fiery and fast-paced prologue in the point of view of his son kicks off the book and grabbed my attention. The first chapter then reverts to Mason's viewpoint, and we follow him from the age of 14 to when he becomes the buccaneer that defines him. In between we come to understand the importance of his God-fearing grandfather and the pivotal role his twin sister plays in his future life at sea.

Ms. Taijeron creates an enticing world filled with memorable characters. Besides Mason, Friar Annie is perhaps my favorite. You gotta love a former whore who becomes a fighting buccaneer. Ms. Taijeron's strength is in her action scenes. In addition to the prologue, there's boor hunting on the Island of Hispaniola, and the compelling fight with the Spanish that concludes the book, which brings me to the story's only shortcoming. Ms. Taijeron writes action scenes so well I wanted more of them. So if this is your first exposure to her writing, perhaps the backstory isn't the place to start. I suggest you dive into the series headfirst then come back for this one once Mason has hooked you. And, matey, I'm sure he will hook you.


One of the best books I've read in a long time

I couldn't put this adventure down ! One of the best books I've read in a long time ! Great character wish they would make a movie about this series about Mason Bentley !!!!


Good read. Wild ride!

Really loved this novel! Mason's misadventures are sure a wild ride that kept me on my toes! Thoroughly engrossing and entertaining. Can't wait for the next