Justified Treason


Book Reviews

While some readers post their reviews on Amazon, others message me directly to share their reactions. I have complied these compliments to share with you here. Reader reviews always make my day and hopefully they inspire you to come aboard and join the adventure!



A wonderful read!

What an incredible adventure! It’s one of those “I can’t put it down” books and you barrel through the story as quickly as possible just to know what happens next…how does it end…are they together?!? Then…then you pick it back up and read it again slowly, savoring Cristi’s storytelling as it weaves images deep within your soul. Yep…it sucks ya in, wraps ya up, and invites you to sail the high seas with Sterling, Charlotte, and an incredible assortment of others. You’ll meet your favorite character and root for them the entire story. Stormy seas, battles, turmoil, love, terror, and laughter. A well-rounded something-for-everyone read. So much more than just a love story. I can’t wait to bury myself deeper within Cristi’s books.


Best of the best in nautical genre!

As the anchor chain groans and creaks on its way up, Cristi Taijeron dips her quill in the ink well and scratches bold lines which become letters driving the passion of the high seas upon the parchment. She has surpassed all other writers in this nautical genre mixing swashbuckling, mayhem, and romance in a symphony of high seas adventure.
The believable, passionate characterizations of each individual in her work leaps of the wooden decks of the page and into the life of the reader. It is as if the reader is right there with the hero or heroine battling side by side upon a slopping deck with blood stained swords and sweat dripping off the brow.
Taijeron’s descriptive scenery is excellent and transports the reader from a living room armchair to a sandy white Caribbean shore with waves crashing in and the brilliant colors of an endless horizon in the distance where only love can see us through to the next safe harbor where the next adventure awaits.
Cristi expanded her first edition of “Justified Treason” into two editions, Book 1 and Book 2, adding extra unpublished before content that allowed the work more adventure, more unparalleled excitement, and more real life battle and sea scenes. Even if you have read the first edition, you do not want to miss this rewrite. The second editions present a superior writing style with more adventure and new material. I anxiously await the movie version. 


This, quite literally, is one of the finest books I've ever read.

Cristi not only skillfully and painstakingly composed this remarkably entertaining artistic masterpiece, but the historical accuracy she incorporated was impressively thorough and a monumental feat within itself.

I felt as though this were based off a true story--as if the events actually occurred at some point in history--due to the fact Mrs. Taijeron does such an astounding job in drawing the reader in and immersing them into a literary universe of her own creation, and she does so by utilizing the complexity of each character's personality and their intimate perspective portrayed through their internal dialogue.

There were times my heart thumped, like during the intense battle scenes. There were times I teared up, like when Charlotte finally realized what she had the daunting sacrifice she would have to make in order to be with her true love again. There times I cheered, times I grimaced, like when James got killed, and times I was in utter awe of the intense imagery.

You could smell, hear, and even taste this book. I can't recall, in recent memory, a literary adventure I've experienced quite like this. It combines the historical fiction and romance in a way that is seamless and in a way with which the storytelling styles compliment one another.

I commend Cristi on this meticulously composed and innovate piece of literary art, and I recommend this book to readers and writers of every taste.

Cristi, in my humble opinion, sets the gold standard in regards to what quality and professional literary composition looks like.

One Love,

The Stormy Poet


Good book


Such a beautifully descriptive book!

Such a beautifully descriptive book! Fell in love with the characters immediately! Love the historical facts intertwined throughout the story! Felt like I was there on their adventures feeling the wind and smelling the sea. Got lost in the story!! Such a beautiful story! True Story-Teller!!! Cannot wait to read the rest of the series!!


Fun to read and more!

What an awesome escape and a great story - already well into the second book! Keep them coming, great story line, characters who easily come to life in your mind and make you want to discover more....


I absolutely Loved it.

I have never read a pirate book like this, It was amazing, had been blushing along with Charlotte at some points and crying on the edge of my seat most of it, laughing with the crew, and Madly in love with Sterling Not only do I plan on rereading this book, I plan on getting a paperback version that way I can at least be in bed while I am hooked to it all over again


Such a delight! 

This Author knows of what she speaks.

A wonderful adventure full of rich and colorful characters !

Ms. Taijeron captures the very essence of it all !

If you want to feel the wind...taste the salt spray.....GRAB A COPY OF THIS!

Highly recommend this book series ! Wonderful !


Great book

The Author takes you into the life of Charlotte you can just imagine doing the things Charlotte does. She takes you right into that life. Great writing. Enjoyed every minute of it.


Excellent book! Enjoyed the tale. Intriguing descriptions of the time period, the islands and the people. Loved the language and voices of the characters, pulled into the blooming romance and their shared love of the sea. Look forward to more books from this author.


Excellent Pirate Story

This is a pirate story with a little romance thrown in that will keep you turning the pages. The adventure is exciting, the language is colorful, and it's obvious the author eats, sleeps and dreams pirates because as a reader, you can feel the love and excitement that went into writing the book. Highly recommended if you love an action/adventure historical set on the sea.



I have never read such a beautifully descriptive book. It's like i'm living the life of the characters and as I read I imagine the story is a movie with elegant and harmonious music in the background. The book is full of twists and I anticipate each word and page. I myself know some history about the golden age of piracy; I have never read a book so historically accurate. Now, after reading the novel, I would love to experience a journey on a ship and see and feel what the characters feel. The descriptions of the ocean and beauty she experiences put you one with God.

Very talented author and poet.

Can’t wait for the next one..I await to see how Charlotte and Sterling meet up.

Thanks Cristi for the fairy tale and exoticness!


Justified Treason was an enjoyable action-packed romance. As you'll often find with many ebooks, there are a few editing mishaps, but nothing to dampen my longing for Book 2.


Beautifully written story.

This story is beautifully written and described perfectly. You could tell the author did her research on the era. After reading it, you WILL want to be a stow away on a pirate ship and live that way of life. I immediately fell in love with all the characters and could always feel what they felt in every situation. The characters were very realistic to the times and weren't the standard lovey-dovey couple. Over all, the story was very descriptive and entertaining and I seriously can't wait to see what happens next in the love triangle!


This is a great story intertwined with history facts, it takes to on a true adventure as a pirate. I would recommend it to everyone.