Homegrown & Home ground!

I am growing a parsley plant in my kitchen window. A few weeks ago, I chopped the stems and set the leaves to dry on a pretty dish. Today I ground the dry leaves in my janky little mill. Now I have parsley seasoning!

Not only is it clean and delicious, but there’s no waste in refilling my cute little jars. Plus, writing on the chalkboard labels is always fun.

Journal Jar!

We have a jar full of journal prompts. We fill them out ourselves, and occasionally asks friends and family to add their ideas. Each morning, we draw a prompt and write about it for five minutes. Whatever we know, think, wonder about said topic will do!

When the time is up, we tally our word count and share our entries . It’s a fun and creative way to start the school day.

Homemade at the Homestead

My best friend/husband Shaun has decided to cut back on added sugar. In his effort to do so, we’ve realized how much sugar is added to just about everything! I’ve been working on homemade versions of his favorite treats, including Italian dressing for his daily sandwich.

The Shot Heard Around the World

Today is the anniversary of The Shot Heard Around the World.
246 years ago, simple farmers and family men stood their ground on the green by facing up to the biggest army in the world. The Redcoats were out to confiscate the colonists’ gun and ammo. They were out to snuff the fire of rebellion before it took hold of the land. Instead, the courage of those colonist’s ignited the American Revolution. April 19th 1775 is the date of conception of the greatest nation mankind has ever called their own.

May we celebrate this anniversary by honoring and upholding the stand made by those brave men at Concord and Lexington.

(My family and I have made a tradition of burning candles for the fallen and watching the movie April Morning. I highly recommend it.
Also, today Mike Lindell has started http://FrankSpeech.com , a digital shot heard around the world of big tech/big government censorship of our freedom of speech. We are listening to the Live show allll day!)

Long Live these United States of America and the American Spirit that built them.